Where Can I Find A 45150 Endodontic Office?

At Lawley Endodontics Inc, our experienced endodontist is here for you when you need it most. From the emergency treatment of dental injuries, cracked, chipped, or damaged teeth, to the advanced treatment of dental decay and infection within the teeth, your 45150 endodontic office is equipped at the ready to provide you with the state-of-the-art care you deserve. With specialized training in treating the inner tissues of the teeth, Dr. G. Robert Lawley makes use of the most leading-edge diagnostic and treatment technology to provide you with the most precise, conservative, and effective treatment to rescue your teeth.

45150 Endodontic Office

Your first visit to our 45150 endodontic office can vary depending on the reasons for your visit. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, our endodontist will promptly evaluate your tooth, make a precise diagnosis and then treat your tooth to alleviate your discomfort. During your initial visit, you can expect your medical and dental histories to be reviewed, and you will be asked to supply any information about the involved tooth to aid Dr. Lawley in his diagnosis.  From injuries, which have resulted in splitting, fracturing or cracking your tooth, to the treatment of injuries with no evidence of damage to the exterior of the tooth, Dr. Lawley will carefully determine the best possible way to proceed with your treatment. In some cases, your first visit may be your only visit to our office and following the completion of your endodontic treatment; you are sent back to your dentist for the restoration of your tooth. Apart from dental emergencies, many patients are typically referred to our endodontist by their general dentists or prosthodontists for care. This is often the case when a tooth has unusual and challenging anatomy, calcified canals, or when a tooth requires a second endodontic procedure to maintain it.

Following your treatment at our 45150 endodontic office, you will need to see your prosthodontist or general dentist to restore the performance and appearance of the tooth so that you can maintain for years to come. If you require endodontic care at any level, make Lawley Endodontics Inc your choice for the quality specialized treatment you deserve. To schedule your next appointment, call today!


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