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Endodontic office in Milford

Specialized skills, state-of-the-art technology, and an established reputation for excellence: these are just some of the things you can expect to benefit from at our endodontic office in Milford. At Lawley Endodontics Inc, we’re dedicated to preserving your natural teeth and helping restore your oral health. With advanced training in the field endodontics, our specialist utilizes the latest technology, instrumentation and techniques to provide patients with the most precise and gentle care. Whether you require root canal therapy, surgical root canal therapy, or treatment for an injured tooth, we’re fully equipped to provide you with the best endodontic care that modern dentistry has to offer.

Endodontic office in Milford

There are a variety of reasons why your general dentist may refer you to our endodontic office in Milford. Sometimes the inner anatomy of a tooth presents unique challenges for providing treatment and the expertise of a specialist is required. This can happen when canals inside the tooth are particularly narrow or complex, making the access for performing a root canal treatment more difficult. At Lawley Endodontics Inc we are well equipped to handle challenging cases. Assisted by the most advanced diagnostic imaging technology, we consistently provide the highest quality of endodontic care. By obtaining a detailed view of the anatomy of the tooth and jaw, we can plan your treatment with crystal clarity, for the best possible results. As skilled and experienced providers of endodontic care, we also utilize specialized equipment, including operating microscopes, and ultra-precise instrumentation, enabling us to perform procedures with the utmost precision. Besides providing non-surgical and surgical root canal therapy, endodontists are also trained in the treatment of challenging dental injuries, from avulsed teeth, to chipped, cracked or fractured teeth. Because of the multiple considerations in treating such injuries, it’s important to see our specialist for care.

By working together with your general dentist, our endodontic office in Milford can help ensure that you stand the best chance for preserving a natural tooth that has been compromised by dental disease or injury. If you’re in need of specialized endodontic treatment, contact our helpful staff today!

Where Can I Find A Milford Endodontist?

According to recent statistics, every year, tens of millions of teeth that have been damaged as a result of injury or dental disease are saved with endodontic treatment. At Lawley Endodontics, our experienced Milford endodontist is equipped to provide the specialized endodontic care essential for preserving your natural teeth. Whether you’re in need of root canal therapy, endodontic retreatment, surgical root canal therapy, or a seasoned professional, highly skilled in addressing the most challenging cases involving dental injuries or infection, you’ll be in excellent hands with Dr. G. Robert Lawley. As your endodontist, Dr. Lawley is equipped with the most sophisticated imaging technology and precise instrumentation to provide you with  gentle and conservative care.

Milford Endodontist

The anatomy inside of the teeth can vary from one person to the next. Inside our teeth, a central chamber of delicate vital tissues extends down into the jaws through one or multiple roots. Sometimes, these roots can branch out and take unexpected turns, or become increasingly narrow in certain areas. When there is an issue with the vital tissues inside of the tooth, root canal therapy is the standard approach for treatment. However, in cases of complex root structure and other anomalies, traditional root canal therapy may not be sufficient to treat and an additional surgical procedure is required. By performing an apicoectomy, your Milford endodontist can access the canals of the tooth from the tip of the root. In this procedure, a small portion of the root tip, which is also known as the apex—is carefully removed, along with any damaged tissue around the tooth. At our office, we make use of the state-of-the-art in diagnostic technology and treatment instrumentation, to plan and perform your procedure with the utmost exactitude. Depending on the complexities particular to your tooth, Dr. Lawley may use a variety of high-precision tools in tandem with a surgical operating microscope to gently and safely perform your procedure.

When it comes to precision endodontic work, you can trust in the experience and skill of our Milford endodontist. To schedule your next appointment, contact the helpful staff at Lawley Endodontics today!

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